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High quality protective coatings from leading world manufacturers, engineering of anti-corrosion protection systems and application process technical support application quality inspection service / FROSIO-certified technical inspectors


From the very beginning of its activity our company has gained the reputation of a highly efficient and reliable partner. The high level of services has been provided by our company within already 10 years.

During our working period the coating products have been delivered to more than 1500 river and marine vessels as well as to numerous PC projects with rendering full scope of technical services to them.

Our responsibility in choosing the right protective coating is very high, we will propose to you the technological systems specifically tailored to your individual project needs and satisfy your most demanding requirements.



Operating a wide range of Projects, we analyze each of them and can offer the most favorable protective coating systems according to ISO12944-5:2007 and taking into account type of the surface, its preparation condition, corrosive environment and time of coating performance.

Our coating materials can be used for any substrates protection: steel, concrete, submerged, on-land, they endure the temperature extremes application and other extreme operation conditions.


The company’s activities span the whole globe: Ukraine, USA, China, Turkey, Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus.

We will arrange the delivery of paints to your point of destination and our FROSIO-certified technical advisors will provide a qualified survey of the surface preparation, application process, participation in

work submitting to the Certification Societies and other control authorities.


With our help you will forget about the effortful and time-taking working procedure. We will spare you the trouble with creating different specifications, searching for data base, dozens of products descriptions, their compatibility, overcoating period, etc.

We can visit you wherever you are and in the shortest period submit you all the necessary technical documents for your consideration. The details can be discussed during the personal meeting. We will suggest you variety of solutions and consult you on the arisen questions. Being in your office, you will receive the reports on all the stages of the fulfilled work and so it can be under the complete control from your side.

When convinced in our comprehensive service, you will not return to your previous working procedure.


Our protective coatings provide the long service life of surfaces, equipment, safe working conditions, care of the human life and health, our coating products will contribute to your safety, confidence, and prosperity.